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AMY TRAVEL – Indian Leisure company works around the world to see miles of smiles all along our drive…”
AMY TRAVEL is fondly committed to TQLT – Total Quality Leisure Travel, with professional delivery of services time and again. We practice world class ethical standards and set hallmark in leisure travel trade”
AMY TRAVEL is with the world of tourism, leads and follows leaders to provide all discerning travellers their expected experience is being upgraded. As the change is permanent and we never rest to keep that momentum going.
Our experience with our travellers confirms that “NEW” is a magical term and it just gives that energy to penetrate deep in to the destination to dig out diamonds, cut, polish and present when they arrive at the destination for a glittering ambience. This is immaterial of the destination, budget, period, what matters most for us that our guest want to travel and we should make it in style!
VARIETY IN LEISURE TRAVEL: AMY TRAVEL stand out in its voyage in trade with verticals of interest to meet each and every individual, family, couple, corporate, friends travel. Numeric does not work here. As we know anything will fall short, if we meet a client for his very basic travel. We don’t count number of products, but only see, how many more can be added in each travel not destination!!! This is our strength and weakness!!! But we are happy to be weak as long as our guests have their Gala Time on their vacation!!!
Honeymoon: It is a onetime affair and we aim at making it more intimate, fun and lasting. Only sweet memories linger around our honeymooners for their rest of the life.
Family Vacation: What’s next? Naturally the Family! We cherish their celebration with our fusion in destination where the variety raises its bars to receive them with a BIG SMILE. Our holiday shelves are racked with dynamic mix of vacations to meet young family, family with grownups, Senior citizens, Pilgrimage, Escorted tours, Anniversary.
Special Interest Tours: Student tours, Agri tours, Bachelor fun tours, Queens travel are few verticals we Specialize.
Tailormade Holidays: Each tourist has different needs, hence we fuse their interest to make a fine vacation with our professionalism. We craft their vacation for an enthralling experience
MICE: A dedicated team work with corporate houses to make a professional, elegant and punctual meetings anywhere. Incentive holiday brings cheers when they set out after a stressful work period. This needs a lot of overtime work for our tour leaders to bring them happy. Conference and Exhibitions are our core strength.
Budget Tours: We understand the needs of travelers as everyone wants to travel and a shoestring budget deserves a quality holiday. We just deliver it in style.
Inbound Tours: India can’t be seen in life time. But the world wonders how to make it up. We make maximum efforts to maximize NRI and Foreigners’ experience while they travel to India. Our understanding with destination, attractions, hotels, restaurant and transport help in great extent in making India Experience an everlasting memory.
Our cost is a HIGHLIGHT. We believe in open book theory. No hidden cost is involved in any of our tours. Thus our clients are rest assured from any aftershock while on vacation.